No Budget Ent is a family of young entrepreneurs influencing the game.

No Budget Ent is a record label that attracts the most hard working artists. “There’s no budget to success” is one of their quotes. Their team is made up of goal-driven, strong-minded, focused, and inspiring people, such as RL Tape and King Judah (Founders of “No Budget Ent.) And artists such as Mitch Jones, Zodie Queen, and Lil Burnam. A very well put together a team and growing.

The founders of this record label aren’t only just the founders they too, are artists themselves. They share the knowledge of being both hard-working businessmen and hard-working Artists. This record label has a solid foundation and a great message, “Grind until the world believes”. You can expect your hard work to pay off with this label.

Now, “No Budget Ent”.​ as mentioned above, has some great artists on their team along with it’s founders. Let’s talk about them. You have Mitch Jones making moves and never stopping she has a track out on all platforms called, “NonSense”. Check her out! Zodie Queen, a singer/songwriter, Lil Burnam who has a video out a new song called, “Set up Shop”, RL Tape, and Frank Lini also have a song out now called, “Happy Birthday” on all platforms. King

Judah and Mike Smiff partnered up for a hit called, “Red Bow” and also check out King Judah’s very own banger, “Story of Kobe ‘’ the lyrics are dope and the delivery is phenomenal.

This whole group in this record label will be reaching past the stars. They have faith, commitment and the will power to create and be more than what is expected of them as a whole as well as individuals. Take a chance with visionaries and you will succeed.

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