K-Lyte La Media and Sonyk Producer have a new hit single titled “ Soy Real”

Who Is K-Lyte?

K-Lyte is an on the rise artist who was born in Puerto Rico. Although born in Puerto Rico, she spent most of her childhood and time growing in Boston, MA. She is a versatile artist who loves to connect with others who like to create such as she does. She has a pure business mindset and is very professional when it comes to her career. Currently she has just released a highly anticipated single titled “Soy Real”. This song shows her versatility, grittiness and melodic flow. This song is a collaboration with another creative named Sonyk, a producer and very talented young man from Mexico. This song is a hit track that you can find on all platforms. K-Lyte has been in the music field now for over 3 years and has started from ground zero. She started with her own label 4 years ago and continued to pursue her passion even when others around her did not. Her raw love for music is what speaks loud to her listeners.

She speaks from the heart and holds Christ very highly in all that she does. Her music is refreshing and we need a female artist who speaks words of substance instead of the females who are mainstream now. You can expect to see her release new content all year and pursue her ventures completely full hearted. Her inspiration comes from life itself and God. Life can be ugly, but also beautiful. Life is Yin and Yang. You have to take the good with the bad and as long as she has a voice and God she will keep going. Check out her latest single “Soy Real”​ you will not be disappointed.



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