Art Alive Movement Presents Human Race Live With Jane Elliot

Want to be part of something great? Who doesn’t? This is a major event taking place to capitalize on important social issues taking place and bringing everyone together. We all need to focus on one race and that is the human race just as Jane Elliot has said many times. It’s time for us to come together and support one another and stand for something great in these desperate times.

Who is the Art Alive Movement?

Founder of “Art Alive Movement” Jaylon Young and her team host and create events for positive-centered artistry. This event production and management company provide venues and platforms for artists and influential individuals to showcase their talent. They give artists opportunities to freely express themselves through a variety of artistic expressions. They curate events for artists to share enlivening messages. They look for movement to build a companionship of artists who love deeply, create fiercely, and organize purposefully for lasting impact for generations to come.

Their services include event production, consulting, event hosting, market planning, artist booking, and content creation. If you are ever in need of collaborations their network consists of graphic and web designers, musicians, artists, videographers, dancers, writers, music producers and so much more! They can help connect you to the right performers. The Art Alive Movement has had a number of events, Their latest event is with Jane Elliot. She is known for her “Blue eyes/Brown eyes” exercise. This event is called “Human Race” it starts at 2 pm PST and will be held on July 25th via Zoom. To RSVP for this free event sign up with the Eventbrite link provided. This is an event for the books! Don’t miss this Zoom event.

Join the event with Jane Elliot



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